Containerized solutions
5 February 2020
Brackish water R.O. plants
3 February 2020

General characteristics

The filters’ tanks are available in GRP or carbon steel or stainless steel.
The carbon/stainless steel tanks are complete with bombed bottoms, manholes, supports, handles and bases.
The internal distribution systems are plates and / or diffusers.
The systems are equipped with control and command systems with manual valves or electric or pneumatic valves with electronic controls to make the filters operation fully automatic.

Mechanical fitration

For the removal of non-soluble inorganic substances, suspended solids and turbidity.
The filter material consists of multiple layers of quartzite with different granulometry.

Activated carbom filtration

Activated carbon can easily adsorb the following water-soluble substances: organic substances, hhalogen compounds, odours, flavors, yeasts, various fermentation products and other non-soluble substances.
One of the main uses of activated carbon in our industry is the dechlorination of the water feeding the RO plants.

Filters for the removal of iron and manganes

it is an efficient granular material in the reduction of iron and manganese compounds dissolved in the water, it acts as a catalyst in the reaction of dissolved oxygen (DO) with iron and manganese compounds, it does not require any addition of chemicals for operation or regeneration.

it is a material able to remove iron and manganese from water through filtration and preventive oxidation, usually performed through chlorination. Pyrolusite requires only periodic back washing without water additives.

a natural mineral media which, if necessary, offers cation exchange properties During operation the iron and manganese precipitate on the granules of greensand and are expelle in counter current at the end of each cycle.

Reahardering filter/remineralization:
Water produced by reverse osmosis must often be stabilized by increasing its alkalinity, hardness and making the LSI index a positive value. OSMO SISTEMI S.r.l. provides for this purpose dolomite filters and calcite filters.
Dolomite (calcium and magnesium carbonate) is a natural mineral material that, when in contact with water, dilutes magnesium and calcium ions in the water, increasing hardness and alkalinity.
Calcite is a mineral carbonated material, it is the most stable form of calcium carbonate and, in contact with water, it enriches its alkalinity and hardness.