Company description

OSMO SISTEMI, established back in 1985 and based in Fano in the Marche area of Italy, has its core of activity in the process design of water treatment plants, their construction, manufacturing, assembling, installation, commissioning, start up and after sale service.
OSMO SISTEMI is sometimes involved or undertakes the full operation and maintenance of the sold plants. Most of the plants are customer built in order to meet the clients’ full requirements and water needs. However, in our portfolio there are also standard product lines offering the client a quick and reliable solution to his water supply needs.
Using the long experience and high expertise, the company is active also in research and development engineering work, in order to provide the industry with innovative solutions using membranes water treatment technologies.
The company owner is CARAMONDANI DESALINATION PLANTS LTD with its premises in 11 Mnasiades str., 1642 Nicosia - Cyprus. The CARAMONDANI GROUP carries out its own activity in the mechanical and electrical engineering field, with expansion in refrigeration, assembly and desalination field.

Registered address:
Via G. Toniolo, 8/B, 61032 Fano (PU), Italy

Fiscal code/VAT number registration at Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture of Marche
(IT) 02073060416

Registration R.E.A.:

Share capital:
1.275.000 € (all conferred)

Headquarters & factory surface:
3000 m² covered (300 m² for offices), 1000 m² uncovered

Products typology :
Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) Plants, Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis (BWRO) Plants, Containerizes solutions, Micro-Ultra-Nano filtration Plants, Filtration systems, Disinfection, Aeration, Ion Exchange resins plants (Softeners, BRS, Arsenic, Nitrates removal,…), Electro deionization units, Permeate water post treatment solutions.

Manufacturing standards:
Machines directive 2006/42/CE and D. LGS 17/2010
EMC Electromagnetic compatibility directive 2014/30/UE