Sea Water Desalination
6 February 2020
Filtration systems
4 February 2020

Line OSMO Container

• Small footprint, cost-effective modular water treatment installations.
• Fully integrated, pre-engineered, pre-wired, packaged water treatment solutions combine system performance with economy, resulting in an ideal solution for sites where space availability, space cost and tight manufacturing schedule are critical.
• Assembly equipment from first class manufacturers in order to guarantee high precision and long lasting optimum performances.
• Long experience designed, built and supplied several containerized units destined to remote and disadvantaged areas, to highly emergencies places and to locations difficult to reach and with very low availability of work crews, tools and materials • Flexible, compact, cared in every detail to optimize the space available, thanks to the accurate and customized design and the realization of masterpieces in house and development of the welding and construction in-house.
• Possibility to personalize the plant with the desired level of automation, from manual control to automation with programmable logic controllers (PLCs) remote terminal control units, data acquisition and historical data trends, follow up on remote with web gate and web server integrated systems, etc.
• Very short manufacturing time, availability of containerized units semi-finished in stock ready for the shipment in few weeks.
• The plant needs only hydraulic and electrical interconnections on site from and to the plant by flanged connections for the easiest plugging to the raw water source and to the product water storage tank and discharge piping.
• The on-site works are minimal and the result is a real reduction in required time and installation costs. Easily movable from place to place.
• No need to prepare packaging for each component.
• OPTIONALS: thermal insulation, multiple openings, customization of exterior painting to reduce visual impact, conditioning / air conditioning equipment, etc ...