Instruments and Water Analysis kits
11 October 2020

Spare parts and consumables

Spare Parts Management mission is to provide “the right spare parts, in the right quantity, to the right place, at the right time, with the right level of quality and at the least total cost to the client”.
A first class international company OSMO SISTEMI has to ensure its plants operate always with the maximum reliability. Small electrical components like fuses, relays, lamps, timers may get burst, interrupting this way plant electrical supply and compromise its smooth operation. Other plant components like Victaulic joints, gaskets, instruments sensors, etc… may also fail without clear cause leading to plant downtime. Being aware of this issue, OSMO SISTEMI supplies with its plants a complete electric panel and hydraulic spare parts kit and guarantees that all the items and components selected and installed on the plants are not only destined to operate without trouble long-term but also easy to locate in every place and in all international markets.
Our clients can take advantage of our large and well furnished warehouse.

Chemical products

Anitiscalant product.
OSMO DF 135, OSMO DF 250, OSMO DF 260 This product is indicated for use in particular occasions (i.e. for example when raw water contains Iron).
Antiscalant is a chemical product injected into the feedwater before the feedwater enters the RO membranes. Its presence delays the reaction between calcium magnesium and bicarbonate, resulting in the inhibition of the formation of the scaling. As the duration of the water in the membrane system is relatively short during the treatment, scale formation is prevented.
Chemical cleaning product.
OSMO CB 191: This product is used for the chemical cleaning of the R.O. It has an alkaline pH and used for basic solution chemical cleanings.
OSMO CA 020: Chemical cleaning product.
This product is used for the chemical cleaning of the R.O. membranes. It has an acidic pH and used for acidic solution chemical cleanings.