Arsenic Removal Systems



Throughout history arsenic has been used as a poison and even today, arsenic continues to poison millions of peoples worldwide. The element occurs naturally in the soil and enters the water supply. The WHO (World Health Organization) advices a maximum concentration of 10 ppb. Although arsenic may be found in surface water, groundwater is the main source of arsenic in water. In groundwater arsenic exists as water-insoluble inorganic arsenic As-V anions or As-III molecules. Consequently, concentrations above 10 ppb may be found naturally in groundwater. In Bangladesh groundwater concentrations of arsenic may exceeds 100 ppb on some locations

The arsenic has short- and long-term health effects, such as:


Short-term effects

Stomach pain

Difficulty Swallowing

Skin lesions


Low blood pressure



Gastrointestinal problems   


Long-term effects

Bladder cancer


Immunological disorders

Skin cancer

Limb loss

Endocrine disorders

Kidney cancer


Hematological disorders

Liver cancer   

Neurological effects   

Reproductive problems

Prostate cancer         

Cardiovascular disease

Developmental problems

Lung cancer

Pulmonary disease  


Arsenic can be removed from water in various ways. Examples of water purification techniques that may be applied are iron and aluminum coagulation, activated alumina adsorption, ion exchange and membrane filtration, titatium-based media. AS-V can be removed easier than AS-III. AS-III can be removed when it is pre-oxidised to AS-V.

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