Rehardening/Remineralization Systems


The permeate water produced in brackish and sea water R.O. systems has low pH, low total hardness, low bicarbonates content and a negative Langelier index (LSI). Its buffering capacity is low and CO2 presence results in decreased pH. Such water if sent directly, without post-treatment, to the distribution piping would have the tendency to dissolve the protective calcium carbonate deposit from piping walls and would initiate corrosion. Therefore, R.O. permeate has to be stabilized by increasing the alkalinity, hardness and consequently influencing the LSI to be positive.

OSMO SISTEMI supplies re-hardening systems consisting of dolomite or calcite filters. Dolomite (calcium magnesium carbonate) is a natural ore that can enrich with magnesium and calcium ions the R.O. permeate water and so increase alkalinity. Calcite is a carbonate mineral and the most stable form of calcium carbonate and it can enrich the R.O. permeate with calcium ions and so increase alkalinity.

OSMO SISTEMI supplies totally automated dolomite or calcite filters in GRP or carbon steel tanks of variable diameter according to the volume of the water needed to be treated.


AISI 304 dolomite filter


Manual dolomite filter

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