Ultrafiltration plant


General characteristics

  • Built with high quality materials and pre-arranged for possible extensions
  • Membranes and systems suitable for foodgrade fluids
  • Pre-treatment for reverse osmosis plants
  • Silent operation
  • Designed for specific applications
  • Suitable for continuous and heavy operation
  • Electric panel board for selecting and running each operation phase
  • Easy ordinary maintenance
  • Adaptable, to a limited extent, to changes of solids content in the feed water
  • Pre-arranged for automatic cleaning of spiral membranes, automatic back-washing of hollow fiber membranes
  • Visual indicators of flow, pressure and temperature
  • Integrated electronic systems for automatic operation phases
  • Automatic membranes’ flushing system
  • Special dosage products


Standard equipment

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Automatic electric/pneumatic valves
  • Safety pressure switches
  • Multi-stage centrifugal pump with three-phase electric motor
  • Control and command system
  • Electric panel board
  • Permeate, concentrate and re-circulation flow meters
  • Temperature indicators
  • Valves for pressure and flow adjustments
  • High mechanical resistance membranes
  • Pressure vessels specifically designed for each application
  • Circuits made in PVC/Stainless steel



Hollow fiber ultrafiltration plant


Ceramic membranes ultrafiltration plant


OSMO SISTEMI can also design UF plant based on the specific customer's projects. See below some examples:




Hollow fiber ultrafiltration plant


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