Wastewater Reuse


Today our society faces the increasing problem of the scarcity of water, mainly due to increase in population and to climate change. This problem affects all aspects of our society from houses to industries. Consequently, politicians, scientists and experts are stressing the public in order to change the lifestyle and introduce new technologies, such as water reuse. In this case, the water reuse represents the simpler and easy way to reduce the water losses. Just to have an idea on the impact of these measures, if we reuse the grey water (fig. 1) after a certain treatment, we can reduce the consumption of potable water up to 50%.



Figure 1. A range of sources of household wastewater showing wastewater
from toilet, kitchen, bathroom, laundry and others.



In this scenario, OSMOSISTEMI S.r.l. wants to do its contribution and since we are continuously researching and developing new strategies, we have elaborated a solution to solve this problem.

The GREY WATER line is a new line of water treatment units that use membranes for ultrafiltration. This plant can treat the grey water that can be used for a variety of applications, such as car wash, irrigation.


In the end you will reuse the water a number of times with the consequence to:

- reuse water,

- save potable water,

- save money.

The GREY WATER line is an UF-based system that can treat the grey water produced from the house's activities.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Stainless steel frame,
  • Automatic electric/pneumatic valves,
  • Multi-stage centrifugal pump with three-phase electric motor,
  • Electric panel board,
  • Permeate, concentrate and re-circulation flow meters,
  • Valves for pressure and flow adjustments,
  • High mechanical resistance membranes,
  • Circuits made in PVC/Stainless steel,
  • Capacity 2,5 m³/day,
  • Membranes in PS, PES, PVC, PDVF materials.


Versatility, Robusteness, Flexibility, Easy to operate, Low maintenance cost, Low energy consumption.
This is the standard of OSMOSISTEMI S.r.l.


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