Water Savings/Sustainable building

An innovative element of major impact for the real estate market, in addition to the energy quality of buildings certified under the European Directive 2002/91/EC, can be the addition of other equipments that allow to classify buildings according to ranges of standard consumption of energy and to reward real estate professionals who offer more valuable home. Usually, these improvements are: the domotics, the central aspiration of dust, the mechanical ventilation, the use of renewable energy (heat pumps, solar panels etc.). Among these, the most significant technological innovations to be inserted into buildings for residential use can include also facilities for the production and distribution of high quality water for human consumption.
Generally, the water for human consumption that is distributed through the municipal line is monitored and disinfected using chlorination so as to ensure bacteriological sterilization. However these additives generate traces of harmful compounds such as trihalomethanes (eg chloroform) that are present in variable amounts into the municipal line. Through appropriate treatments is now possible to purify the water from the municipal line using a centralized system for processing, which aims to improve the organoleptic characteristics and to monitor the chemical and physical characteristics. The main characteristics of the produced water can be summarized in three words:
  • lightness (reduced and controlled amounts of minerals),
  • freshness (produced and consumed water without intermediate storage),
  • fragrance (lacking of the typical products of the municipal line).
In addition, water with these characteristics allows you to:
  • reduce maintenance on household plumbing;
  • reduce energy consumption for heating,
  • use less detergent for washing dishes and laundry,
  • less impact on human health,
  • be ecofriendly.
In conclusion, a water with these characteristics is ecofriendly an that contributes to sustainable development. The best technology used to produce water with these characteristics is based on the principle of the reverse osmosis and OSMO SISTEMI Srl has the solutions to solve this problem.
The plant design consists on two consecutive steps: the pre-treatment, which aims to retain the solid particles suspended in the water (eg. sand, rust, waste processing, other sediments) and to remove flavors and odors due to the presence of chlorine and organic contaminants. This function is carried out using filtration systems, such as activated carbon filters.The reverse osmosis can reduce both the salt content and any chemical agents and pathogens in the water such as nitrates, nitrites (high concentrations are frequently found in waters of water), pesticides, organic micro pollutants and micro-organisms (eg. viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc..).
Solution for condominiums
OSMOSISTEMI Srl designs solutions for apartment buildings where the equipment for reverse osmosis are often placed in the central water room. The distribution system comprises an independent circuit for the traditional water, originates from the production system located in the central water supply and, parallel with the hydro-health network, reaches the rooms of the individual apartments.
In this context, the most appropriate solutions are the plants belonging to the OSMO ECO and EASY line.


Versatility, Robusteness, Flexibility, Easy to operate, Low maintenance cost, Low energy consumption.


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