Large Sea Water and Brackish Water R.O. units



The large sea water and brackish water systems represent the most advanced type of reverse osmosis unit currently manufactured. These systems are characterized by high efficiency with respect to the produced water, low energy consumption, flexible design and fully automated operations. In the case of OSMO SISTEMI S.r.l., particular care is paid during the construction of the system that is demonstrated by the use of top-quality material and state-of-the-art instruments. Finally, the beauty of our large sea water and brackish water systems is that they can be constructed according to the client’s needs.



General characteristics 

  • High quality of building materials
  • High selectivity membranes and resistant against washing solutions
  • Silent Operation
  • Easily expandable thanks to the modularity of the system
  • High pressure hydraulic lines extremely firm and strong being made of DUPLEX SS, or other specifically suitable material
  • Expecially designed for a continuous and heavy duty operation
  • Panel board complete of all necessary digital leds and eventually of a synoptic panel
  • Easy ordinary maintenance
  • High versatility according to the specific chemical features of feed water
  • Moderate dimensions
  • Arranged for membranes cleaning system
  • Automation of the operating phases through integrated electronic systems
  • Automatic membranes flushing system


Standard equipment

  • Stainless steel skid (AISI 304 or 316)
  • Inlet pneumatic valves
  • Safety pressure switches
  • Multi-stage centrifugal pump with three-phase electric motor
  • Energy recovery device
  • Advanced control systems including programmable-logic controllers with RS 232/485, Ethernet and USB ports handling standard as well as specific protocols like Modbus, IEC 60870 and SNMP, colour touch panels for human interface, mimic diagrams and SCADA systems
  • Electric panel board
  • Flow meters on permeate, concentrate and re-circulation lines
  • Chemicals dosing pumps
  • Pressure and flow control valves
  • High permeating surface membranes
  • Pressure vessels containing spiral wounded membranes in polyamide
  • Microprocessor conductivity meter with thermo-compensation of temperature
  • Circuit for blending water
  • Circuit of concentrate re-circulation
  • Circuit of flushing
Drinking water - BWRO 2x2.500m³/day
Drinking water - SWRO 1.200 m³/day
Drinking water - BWRO 10.500m³/day
Drinking water - SWRO 60.000 m³/day
Drinking water - BWRO 3.000 m³/day
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