Iron and Manganese Removal Filters


Birm is an efficient and economical media for the reduction of dissolved iron and manganese compounds from raw water supplies. It may be used in either gravity fed or pressurized water treatment systems. Birm acts as an insoluble catalyst to enhance the reaction between dissolved oxygen (D.O.) and the iron compounds. In underground waters the dissolved iron is usually in the ferrous bicarbonate state due to the excess of free carbon dioxide and is not filterable.

Birm, acting as a catalyst between the oxygen and the soluble iron compounds, enhances the oxidation reaction of Fe++ to Fe+++ and produces ferric hydroxide which precipitates and may be easily filtered. The physical characteristics of Birm provide an excellent filter media which is easily cleaned by backwashing to remove the precipitant. Birm is not consumed in the iron removal operation and therefore offers a tremendous economic advantage over many other iron removal methods.

Other advantages of Birm include long material life with relatively low attrition loss, a wide temperature performance range and extremely high removal efficiency. Negligible labor costs are involved because Birm does not require chemicals for regeneration, only periodic backwashing is required.

Birm material


Pirolusite is a mineral (MnO2) obtained after roasting and sieving in order to have the requested chemical specification and size to remove manganese and iron from the water.

It is capable of removing iron and manganese from water through filtration after a previous oxidation usually made through chlorination. Manganese and soluble iron are oxidized and precipitated by contact with higher oxides of manganese on the pirolusite granules. It requires periodic backwashing and the substitution when it is saturated.

Greensand: (Manganese Zeolite) A bed of greensand granules used for the removal of iron and manganese from water. The greensand is a naturally occurring mineral that has cation exchange properties. The bed is first treated with manganous chloride to convert it to the manganese form and then it is activated (and subsequently regenerated in repetitive cycles) with potassium permanganate. In use, soluble iron and manganese in water precipitate on the granules, and these solids are backwashed out of the bed at the end of each cycle.
OSMO SISTEMI's Pirolusite, Greensand and Birm filters can be used to treat up to 80 m3/h per unit of raw water. We supply fiberglass GRP and carbon steel tanks with diameter from 250 to 3000 mm specially treated to work with well or surface water.
Complete Iron Removal System with Pirolusite




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