Industrial applications



Industrial activities require the use of high quality water. These applications are very diverse and can range from water use for rinsing, emulsion and electronics. However, what it is common to this range of applications is that the water should have a very low conductivity.

Thus, in this scenario OSMOSISTEMI S.r.l has developed a range of solutions that can solve the problems faced everyday by the industry.

One of these solutions is the EMULSIO line, a dedicated system used to produce high quality emulsion.




Technical characteristics:

- Reverse Osmosis plant,

- Saline dosing system (use to regulate the hardness of the produced water),

- Mixer (to produce perfect emulsion).



Versatility, Robusteness, Flexibility, Easy to operate, Low maintenance cost, Low energy consumption.

This is the standard of OSMOSISTEMI S.r.l.
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