OSMO SISTEMI’s  wide experience in desalination technology was acquired also in the field of water desalination for hotels and touristic resorts. Fresh water supply is essential for such infrastructures  and R.O. sea water or brackish water desalination is a feasible solution that can cover the wide gap between the limited available capacities of the rapidly expanding touristic areas and the increasing water demands.

The new and modern designs offer wide plant flexibility, the units can be installed inside the buildingswith minimum installation works needed to be done on site butthey also can be pre assembled inside standard ISO containers, where space problems is a fact.

The continuous development of the pumping systems engaged in the SWRO units together with the modern Energy Recovery Devices lead to an economically affordable sea water desalination while the noise level is also kept in acceptable limits for the area that it has to serve.

DJERBA 01.jpg

Irrigation - SWRO plant 3 x 1200 m3/day






















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