HEAVY DUTY Plants are specially recommended when a higher quality and quantity of produced water and continuous running are required.


General characteristics

  • High quality and corrosion resistant materials of construction
  • High selectivity membranes resistant to chemical cleaning solutions
  • Silent operation
  • Strength and reliability of the hydraulic high pressure lines made of SS AISI 316L
  • Suitable for a continuous and heavy duty operation
  • Projected and designed to stand up hard industrial demands
  • Panel board complete of digital led display
  • Easiness of the running operation and necessary maintenance
  • High versatility in case of variation of the chemical characteristics of the feed water
  • Compact and space-saving construction
  • Equipped with all accessories to link up a cleaning system of the membranes
  • Visual displays for monitoring the treated water’s flow rate, pressure and conductivity
  • Automation of the operating phases through digital electronic systems
  • Automatic flushing system of the membranes


Standard equipment

  • Stainless steel skid
  • Inlet solenoid valve
  • Adjustable differential pressure switch
  • Three-phase electrical motor and multi-stage centrifugal high pressure pump
  • Command and control system
  • Electric panel board with microprocessor SIRIO for fully automatic operation
  • Flow meters on the permeate, concentrate and re-circulation lines
  • Antiscalant dosing pump
  • Pressure and flow rate adjustment valves
  • High performance Thin film composite spiral wound membranes
  • Pressure vessels in 8" AISI 316 stainless steel or GRP
  • Micro processor conductivity meter with thermo-compensation of temperature
  • Blending circuit
  • System for the re-circulation of the concentrate water
  • Flushing circuit


BWRO 6 m³/h (mod. HD 6 AM)

BWRO 3 m³/h (mod. HD 3 AM)

BWRO  2 m³/h (mod. OSMO HD 2 AM complete of pre-treatment)
BWRO 4 m³/h (mod. OSMO HD 4 AM complete of pre-treatment)
BWRO  6 m³/h (mod. OSMO HD 6 AM complete of pre-treatment)



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