EURO line




Compact and easy to install OSMO EURO is specifically designed for haemodialysis by OSMO SISTEMI.



Extremely flexible, the OSMO EURO was designed for the production of high quality grade water for the cleaning of facilities that are used in haemodialysis.

OSMO EURO is designed with the following equipment which improve the performance of the unit:

- Variable Frequency Driver for energy savings,

-    High quality materials.

Standard equipment

  • Stainless Steel skid
  • Duplex automatic softener
  • Activated carbon filter with automatic control valve and programmer
  • Security cartridge filter
  • Automatic flushing system
  • Vertical centrifugal high pressure pump in AISI 304
  • Electric panel board with microprocessor and digital control
  • Flowmeters for permeate and concentrate flow
  • Membranes with high permeating surface
  • High conductivity level alarm
  • Pressure indicators for feed and brine water



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