Company Description

Since 1985, OSMO SISTEMI S.r.l. as leader in the field of primary water treatment technologies, deals with the design, production and market of reverse osmosis systems for industrial, nautical, agricultural and civil use. Our company is well introduced in water treatment plants design and realization, through material purchasing, its assembly in house, installation on site, commissioning and start up.
OSMO SISTEMI S.r.l. is sometimes involved or undertakes the full operation and maintenance of the sold plants. Most of the plants are custom built to meet the clients requirements. However, there are also standard product lines offering the client a quick and reliable solution to his water supply needs.

Using the long experience and high expertise, the company is active also in research and development engineering work so as to provide the industry with innovative solutions using Reverse Osmosis technology.
The company owner is CARAMONDANI DESALINATION PLANTS LTD with its premises in 11 Mnasiades str., 1642 Nicosia - Cyprus. The CARAMONDANI GROUP carries out its own activity in the mechanical and electrical engineering field, with expansion in refrigeration, assembly and desalination field.
Registered address:
OSMOSISTEMI s.r.l. Via Toniolo 8/b 61032 Fano (PU) Italy
Registration C.C.I.A.A.A. Pesaro (Chamber of Commerce):           

Registration R.E.A.:                   
Share capital:
1.275.000 € (all conferred)

Plant surface:
3000 m² covered (300 m² for offices), 1000 m² uncovered

Production typologies:
Brackish and Sea water Reverse Osmosis Plants
Primary water treatment: Filtration, Softening, Denitrification, Iron/Manganese
removal, Demineralization, Micro-, Ultra-, Nano-filtration, Boron removal Plants.

Manufacturing standards:
ANSI, ASME, ASTM, API, Italian codes and regulations

Qualified member of the vendor list:
ENI S.p.a., SAIPEM S.p.a., ENEL S.p.a., EDIPOWER
S.p.a., ERG S.p.a., and the major companies of public water management


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