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The car wash market has already recognized the importance of the Reverse Osmosis. The application of such technology has the main advantage to produce completely demineralized water. In turn this permits to have undoubted benefits, which are:
Better final result in the washing of car, trucks etc.
On painted surfaces:
In this case the final rinsing will be carried out using demineralized water removing the need to have a drying final stage. In fact the demineralized water does not leave any white, salty marks on the bodywork, which are frequently found when hard water is used during the rinsing stage.
On glass surfaces:
In the case of glass surfaces, the use of demineralized water in the rinsing stage permits to remove the typical variegated stripes on the car glass and so to avoid the final drying manual operation.
More security for the painted surface
During the constant use of the brush in the car wash system, if the demineralized water is not used these brushes can become “hard” due to the Calcium Carbonate deposits and other salts. This process can easily lead to scratch on the car bodywork.
Minor problems on the maintenance of the car wash system
In the case that the demineralized water will not be used, the nozzles of the car wash system can clog due to Calcium Carbonate, salts and other substances. This in turns can lead to insufficient water availability for the rinsing, and it can result in the stop of the system for maintenance and remove the problem.
Less consumption
With a specific Reverse Osmosis plant it is possible to obtain the following:
Save man labour,
Save electricity,
Save money on washing products,
Save water.
Each plant is completely assembled on metal skid
Each plant is provided with standard pre-treatment wich includes:
·         Cartridge Filter 5 micron (depending by the model),
·         Active Carbon Filter (only for ECO model).
·         Antiscalant Dosing System
·         Sand Filter
·         Active Carbon Filter (for EASY model)
·         Feed pump
·         Catalytic Resin Iron Removing
·         Customized options (box in stainless steel)
Today we have also developped new manual-based systems, which have the advantage
 to be reliable, economic and easy to handle.

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