Boron Removal Systems (BRS)


Boron can be removed selectively from potable water with a resin working by ion-exchange. It removes only boron from water, irrespective of other ions dissolved in the source, even when other ions are present at high concentrations.

Typical boron leakage is 0.1 ppm. Thus this resin can be used with a by-pass and blend approach for treating Reverse Osmosis  First Pass permeate from sea water desalination and brackish ground water for distribution as drinking or irrigation water.

OSMO SISTEMI's BRS is capable of removing trace levels of boric acid from any type of water, and the residual concentration of boron will be less than 100 µg/l (0.1 ppm). We supply the best choice for your needs.


BRS 1.500 m³/hr


BRS 1.500 m³/hr


SAM 0031

                     BRS 2 m³/hr


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